Product of nature

Pectin is a natural fibre found in apples and citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and limes. Pectin is suitable for all modern food concepts and supports the current trend for using natural products and ingredients. APECX products stand for reliable good quality and comply with the high standards of the EU regulation. This enables APECX to meet the high demands of customers for kosher, halal and non GMO products.

APECX manufactures the whole range of HM, LM and LMA type pectins, and is well known under the brand OBIPEKTIN. Almost every pectin application can be covered by OBIPEKTIN.

High methylester (HM) pectins

• High sugar jams
• Jellies and confectionery products
• Beverages
• Dairy drinks (protein protection)

Low methylester (LM) pectins

• Baking stable fruit preparations
• Fruit preparations for yoghurt
• Low sugar fruit spreads
• Yoghurt applications

Low methylester amidated (LMA) pectins

• Glazings
• Low sugar fruit spreads
• Bakery fillings
• Fruit preparations for yoghurt
• Yoghurt applications


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