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From fruit to food and beverages

Pectin naturally occurs in apple pomace and citrus peels and it naturally texturises and stabilises various foods and beverages. Moreover, as a source of fibre, it supports a healthy diet and wellbeing.

Your partner for pectin solutions

In the tradition of Swiss pectin manufacturing, which dates back to 1937, APECX AG manufactures and produces (across two separate production lines) the whole range of HM, LM and LMA type pectins under the OBIPEKTIN brand, helping you to improve your own products. As a well-known brand for many decades, the company stands for functionality, quality, contingency and customer focus.

Who is APECX?

APECX, located at the center of Europe in Bischofszell/Switzerland, was established as a spin-off company to produce and sell globally pectin made from apples and citrus fruits under the brand OBIPEKTIN. APECX’s product portfolio covers a wide range of food applications. A skilled team of food technicians with well-equipped application labs are there to provide extensive support on everyday technical questions relating to food applications.

Perfect for dairy products and milk alternatives

Well formulated dairy pectins provide efficient and strong protein stabilization and a well-bodied mouthfeel.

Delectable vegan jellies – free from gelatin

Confectionery take on a pleasant structure thanks to the use of OBIPEKTIN. Suits the desired textural requirements and individual manufacturing processes.

Creamy jams, low brix fruit spreads and fruit preparations

Pectin is the optimal and established solution for all these application areas. OBIPEKTIN is the right pectin type for all customer requirements worldwide.

Perfect texture and mouthfeel for
food & beverage products

Contemporary confectionary,
free from gelatin

Suitable for vegetarians
and vegans

Halal & Kosher

FSSC 22000 certified


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